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AceHTML 3.5Mb   freeware Web Utility HTML website editor - excellent built in viewer and many other capabilities - see also AceFTP programme acehtml5free.exe
Acrobat Reader 6 5Mb   freeware Utility Adobe Acrobat Reader - for reading PDF files usually found on the web and used for formal documentation (now succeeded by ver 7, NT and XP only). AdbeRdr60_enu_full.exe
Ad-Aware 2.5Mb Lavasoft freeware Web Utility Spyware detector aawsepersonal.exe
Ashampoo Uninstaller 2.8Mb Ashampoo cover disk Utility Log installation to effect un-installation ashampoo.exe
ASmallerImage 800Kb Trivista trialware Graphics Utility Easy size reduction ASmallerImage20_FP.exe
Avery Design-pro (UK) 10Mb Avery UK web site freeware Label creation programme Label design programme from Avery. Very versatile, can read external database files, will use pre-designed Avery label forms or design your own. Barcode import and conversion facility, graphics import. Basic version totally free and probably all you will need. avery-designpro-english.exe
AVG Anti-Virus 6Mb AVG freeware Anti-Virus Popular anti-virus programme with free online registration for single users. Reg code looks like: AVG-1-823246-### avg6642fu_free.exe
Belarc Advisor 700Kb Belarc freeware Diagnostic Very full diagnostic programme. Produces a full report on hardware and software as HTML document in Internet Explorer, including details of main processor. advisor.exe
Bookmark Wizard 800Kb Silvermaine freeware Web Utility Creates html page of Windows favorites vb_bookmark_wizard.exe
Cacheman 500Kb Outer freeware Utility Memory and cache manager etc. cachm550.exe
DBQuikSite ver 1.5 2.5Mb   shareware Web Utility Utility to create html tables out of dBase and Access databases. Hopefully you may be viewing this info in a DBQuikSite table dbqwiksitepro15.exe
Directory Opus 6 10Mb gpsoft freeware File Manager Versatile and comprehensive file manager - and more! directory opus 6/DOpus62515VNUInstall.exe
DVD Shrink 1.2Mb DVDShrink freeware DVD Backup Simple programme to shrink and back up a video DVD to DVDR format dvdshrink32setup.exe
Easy Mail Plus 8Mb   trialware Programme Mailing label programme with database and wordprocessing features. Very versatile but not quite so easy at first! Could be all you'll need. emplus.exe
Easy Office 2001 26Mb   freeware Office Suite Microsoft compatible office suite with voice readout easyoffice2001.exe
Easy Office 2002 74Mb   shareware Office Suite Microsoft compatible office suite with voice readout with many more facilities easyoffice2002.exe
E-mail Saver 1.1Mb   trialware Utility Outlook Express backup programme for e-mail messages, OE address book (including folders) and Windows "Favorites". Can save to floppy. Excellent - only $14 archiver.exe
Fineprint 2.5Mb   trialware Utility Print viewer and organiser. Print to screen and decide what to do with it (you'd be surprised!) fp521.exe
IncrediMail 10Mb   freeware Web Utility E-Mail Client - fun to use with easy interface; but see also Eudora and Pegasus (find via Google) incredimailsetup.exe
Irfan View 800Kb IrfanView freeware Graphics Utility Versatile graphics viewer and utility. For full functionality you have to download and install further modules. Basic programme is quite small. iview391.exe
JASC After Shot 64Mb cover disk (free) freeware Graphics Utility Utility to manage photo images - similar to Thumbs Plus but more basic - probably all you need. From Digital Camera #27 jascaftershot/setup.exe
MailWasher 4.0 5Mb Firetrust trialware Web Utility Spam Filter - paid for version has effective heuristic spam awareness mailwasher_pro40.exe
Matrix Y2K 2Mb   donation Web Utility Text editor for web pages. Very versatile and includers viewer and FTP link. Feels good. Matrix Y2K-2003-Setup.exe
Matrix Y2K Web Studio 2Mb   donation Web Utility Web Studio version. Text editor for web pages. Very versatile and includers viewer and FTP link. Feels good. Matrix Y2K 2005 Website Studio.exe
Memturbo 1.5Mb   shareware Utility Utility to manage memory utilisation - especially Win 98 where memory if often used by system resources and not returned as available. memturbo.exe
NBG Cleaner 2Mb   shareware Utility Registry cleaner - funky, takes a long time but seems to be very thorough; see also Reghealer (find via Google) nbgcleanre.exe
NoteTab Lite 2Mb Web Site freeware Text editor NoteTab Lite is a text editor with a variety of controls and facilities. notetab_setup.exe
Open Office.Org 65Mb   freeware Office Application Sun Systems' answer to Microsoft Office - note Java 2 is available on this disk if required 1.1.2/Ooo_1.1.2_Win32Intel_install/setup.exe
Pawn (Chess) 146Kb   donation Game Simple coffee-time chess programme
PDF995 1.4Mb   freeware Utility Free PDF generator - see also other PDF utilities available on the PDF995 website pdf995\pdf995s.exe
pdfFactory 2Mb   trialware Utility Printdriver for creating PDF (Acrobat Portable Document Files). Works well with Fineprint (qv) fpp221.exe
Picasa 3.5Mb Google freeware Graphics Utility Picasa is software that helps you instantly find, edit and share all the pictures on your PC. picasa2-setup-1884.exe
Powerdesk 2Mb   freeware Utility Enhanced file manager with lots of user friendly features. Never use Windows Explorer again! (Look for free express/lite version on the VCOM website). pd5free.exe
Q&A ver 5.0 4Mb   licensed Programme Versatile DOS flatfile database and wordprocessor. Datafile management tool. Installation NOT available on cover disk.  
Slowview 800Kb Slowview freeware Graphics Manager Very fast and simple graphics viewer and manager. Slowview site is but try the link given here. slowview.exe
Spybot 4Mb   freeware Web Utility Spy robot - search and destroy! spybotsd13.exe
SpywareBlaster 2.3Mb SpywareBlaster freeware Anti-Virus Configure and protect your system from spyware spywareblastersetup33.exe
Start Disk 600Kb   freeware Utility Create start-up bootable floppy - will prepare hard disk for Windows installation etc. 98UBD1.exe
Startman 1.5Mb   shareware Utility To manage start-up programmes - will identify unnecessary and duplicate start-up programmes. Improves performance and reduces shut-down difficulties. startman10396.exe
Stickies ver 4.5a 600Kb   shareware Utility Another post-it note programme but one which works! Can double as a visible multi clipboard utility. stickies.exe
SyncBack 1Mb Snapfiles donation Utility File copy manager - menu driven Xcopy?
Thumbsplus 10Mb   trialware Graphics utility Graphics file organiser and much, much more. ThumbsPLusV5.01.exe
Tweaking Toolbox 800Kb TweakingToolBox purchase/trial Utility Tweaks various aspects of Windows ttw.exe
Vilma Registry Editor 600Kb   freeware Utility Friendly registry editor - much better than regedit! regexp.exe
WinZip 2Mb   shareware Utility Zip manager - the one everyone uses and which integrates with Powerdesk (qv) winzip81.exe
WS_FTP 800Kb   shareware Web Utility File transfer utility. When connected presents local and remote file structure ready for up/downloading files. Easy to use. f_x86t32.exe
X-Fonter 800Kb Black Sun freeware Utility Font Manager - installs, uninstalls, catalogues, etc (see also font utility from X-Fonter-setup.exe
XXCopy 265Kb   freeware Utility XXcopy will copy files and directories in DOS mode. Can be used to clone whole disks by deleting files on target disk not existing on source disk.
ZTREE 700Kb   shareware File Manager File manager with DOS Xtree Gold appearance. Good for file specs, grouping files, changing attributes. Useful as alternative and supplementary to Powerdesk (qv) ztw149.exe