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Note - this disk should be bootable into a virtual drive A: comprising a WIN98 bootable floppy with basic set of tools, provided your CMOS settings include "Boot from CD" before "Boot from Hard Disk".

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A July Puzzle HotKey July Puzzle 12Kb David Broughton freeware HotKey July 2005 Puzzle Run Link
Author Author's Home Page   Roger Skidmore Please submit any programmes or articles to the author (e-mail address on home website)  
DOC Guide to this Cover Disk 65Kb IWPCUG     Guide to this cover disk as printed in the July 2005 IWPCUG Hotkey Run PDF
DOC Music Guide 45Kb Viewz Guide to music and audio file formats (omitted from Spring Audio CDROM) Run PDF
LINK Computability Web Site 6/6/2005 2Mb Computability-IW Computability web site - everything on the web about the IW Computability project Run Link
LINK David's Puzzles and Programmes   IWPCUG Public domain puzzles and programmes written by David Broughton, mostly for a DOS environment and published in HotKey Run Link
LINK HotKey Floppy Archive 24Mb IWPCUG free/shareware   Various HotKey 3" floppy disks produced over the years Run Link
LINK HotKey magazine archives 10Mb IWPCUG     Recent HotKey magazines which have been archived to disk (Jan 2002 - Jan 2004) Run Link
LINK IWPCUG Website 6/6/2005 12Mb IWPCUG IW PCUSER Group Website available here offline (some links may need an Internet connection) Run Link
XTRAS Adobe Acrobat ver 6.0 15Mb Adobe freeware Adobe Acrobat Reader - for reading PDF files usually found on the web and used for formal documentation (now succeeded by ver 7, NT and XP only). Setup File
XTRAS Ashampoo Uninstaller 2.8Mb Ashampoo cover disk Logs installation to effect full un-installation of chosen programme. Setup File
XTRAS Avery Design-pro (UK) 10Mb Avery UK web site freeware Label design programme from Avery. Very versatile, can read external database files, will use pre-designed Avery label forms or design your own. Barcode import and conversion facility, graphics import. Basic version totally free and probably all you will need. Setup File
XTRAS Belarc Advisor 700Kb Belarc freeware System analyser - see if you really have got a fast enough system Setup File
XTRAS DBQuikSite ver 1.5 2.5Mb dbQuikSite cover disk Utility to create html tables out of dBase and Access databases. Hopefully you may be viewing this info in a DBQuikSite table Setup File
XTRAS DOS Box 1Mb ComputerActive freeware DOS-Box programme for running legacy DOS programmes and games. When loaded, type 'mount q D:\d-archive\ website\davidbro' (no quotes) for e.g. games folder on Drive "Q"; then run your DOS game Setup File
XTRAS Internet Explorer 6 20Mb Microsoft freeware Internet Explorer 6 downloaded with instructions from this site - download your own for the latest. Setup File
XTRAS Powerdesk 2Mb V-Com freeware Enhanced file manager with lots of user friendly features. Never use Windows Explorer again! (Look for free express/lite version on the VCOM website). Setup File
Z MORE Favourite Software (to use up space!) 400Mb HotKey Cover Disk Autumn 2004 various   Run this link for a further selection of useful software. This has been updated to include DVDShrink, Picasa and many more programs which were not on the Autumn 2004 HotKey cover disk. Run Link