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DOC AOP Primary Care Pack 2003 150Mb AOP professional Weblink AOP Professional Resource Pack 2003 - menu system is a little odd and slow, but persevere! Run
DOC AOP Primary Eyecare in the Community 96Mb AOP professional Weblink Primary Eyecare in the Community PDF document from AOP Run PDF
DOC AOP Toolkit 2005 600Kb AOP professional Weblink AOP Professional Resource Pack 2005 - a collection of very useful items Menu
DOC Browse Documents         Browse various IWOS documents and presentations on the CD Menu
DOC Clinical Governance Forms         Various clinical governance forms for completion for PCT Menu
DOC Guide to this Cover Disk 15Kb IWOS     Guide to this cover disk Run PDF
LINK HyperPhysics Optics       Weblink Hyperphysics - all the optics you've forgotten!  
LINK IWOS Website (Yahoo Group)       Weblink IWOS External Website  
LINK Optical Favorites 32Kb Roger Skidmore     Favorites List from Roger's PC Menu
OPTICAL Adverse Drugs 5Mb IOO trial Weblink Summary of drugs optometric implications Setup
OPTICAL BiToric GP Calculator 3.5Mb SpeeDee full Weblink BiToric GP Calculator programme Setup
OPTICAL BVD Calculator 150Kb SpeeDee full Weblink Back Vertex Distance Calculator Run
OPTICAL C/L Calculator 1.1Mb SpeeDee full Weblink Contact Lens Designer Setup
OPTICAL CLPL Calculator 3Mb CLPL Labs full Weblink Contact Lens calculator and ordering programme Setup
OPTICAL Colour Overlays 10Mb IOO trial Weblink Colour overlays programme for assessment of Mears-Ihrlen syndrome Setup
OPTICAL David Thomas Fitting 14Mb David Thomas free Weblink David Thomas fitting programme Setup
OPTICAL Edge Calculator 200Kb Andrew Field free Weblink Lens calculating programme Run
OPTICAL Hess Screen 7Mb IOO trial Weblink Computerised Hess Screen diagnostic programme Setup
OPTICAL Medmont Viewer 9Mb Medmont free Weblink Medmont Viewer ver 3.0 for Medmont topographic corneal images (may require updating - see update programme on disk) Setup
OPTICAL Oblique Cyl Calculator 64Kb Andrew Field free Weblink Lens calculating programme Run
OPTICAL Optometric Toolbox 6Mb IOO trial Weblink Set of optometric utilities Setup
PRES AOP Primary Eyecare in the Community 2Mb AOP/RMS professional Weblink Primary Eyecare in the Community PPS presentation for IW BusinessLink November 2005 Run PPS
PRES Diagnosis Presentation 160Kb Ian Murdoch     Explanation of philosophy of diagnosis Run PPS
PRES Differential Red Eye 1.6Mb Steve Rowley     Differential diagnosis of red eye Run PPS
PRES SuperVision 700Kb Lou Catania     Lou Catania's presentation on "SuperVision" Run PPS
UTILS Viewers 600Kb AOP freeware   Various viewing tools in case you don't have Microsoft Office, etc. installed Menu
XTRAS Adobe Acrobat ver 6.0 15Mb Adobe freeware Weblink Adobe Acrobat Reader - for reading PDF files usually found on the web and used for formal documentation (now succeeded by ver 7, NT and XP only). Setup
XTRAS Ashampoo Uninstaller 2.8Mb Ashampoo cover disk Weblink Logs installation to effect full un-installation of chosen programme. Setup
XTRAS Avery Design-pro (UK) 10Mb Avery UK web site freeware Weblink Label design programme from Avery. Very versatile, can read external database files, will use pre-designed Avery label forms or design your own. Barcode import and conversion facility, graphics import. Basic version totally free and probably all you will need. Setup
XTRAS Belarc Advisor 700Kb Belarc freeware Weblink System analyser - see if you really have got a fast enough system Setup
XTRAS DBQuikSite ver 1.5 2.5Mb dbQuikSite cover disk Weblink Utility to create html tables out of dBase and Access databases. Hopefully you may be viewing this info in a DBQuikSite table. Setup
XTRAS FastStone Capture 1Mb FastStone freeware Weblink Screen capture utility - just cut out the bit you want, save, edit or e-mail to a friend. Setup
XTRAS FastStone Viewer 3Mb FastStone freeware Weblink Versatile graphics viewer, including edit, compress and e-mail, etc. Setup
XTRAS Powerdesk 2Mb V-Com freeware Weblink Enhanced file manager with lots of user friendly features. Never use Windows Explorer again! (Look for free express/lite version on the VCOM website). Setup
XTRAS LINKS List of Utilities on Disk         List of Utilities on Disk Menu
Z Dr Fun Eyeball Jokes 20Mb iBiblio professional Weblink Wit and Wisdom from Dr Fun (D Farley) Run html
ZZZ… Author's Home Page   Roger Skidmore   Weblink Please submit any programmes or articles to the author rogerskid@supanet.com  

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