Portable Software: Portable software will run from a USB memory stick (or anywhere) without copying files to Windows, normal installation or changing registry values etc. Removal is simply by deletion of the program's executable file or running directory. For portable software "installation" means copying the executable files somewhere convenient - not writing to the registry or loading DLL files to Windows, etc.

On this CD you will find a directory called "Portable Software" which contains files (often compressed in EXE or ZIP format) which when run or opened will "install" the portable program to a folder. There is also a directory called "PortableApps" already containing some of these programs nicely set up ready to run.

One of the installation programs is called "PortableApps....exe" and this will create a menu program which only seems to work under Win XP. The menu icon should appear in the taskbar on insertion of the USB stick.

Try copying just the folder "PortableApps" and the files "Start.exe" and "AutorunUSB.inf" renamed as "Autorun.inf" to a USB stick. It should work on re-insertion, offering a basic set of portable programs (256Mb needed here). Check the taskbar for a new icon.

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  Jactron Link Jactron mini-USB
Browse Software Run   Software before installation
Generic Win98_USB Run www.novatech.co.uk Generic_USB driver for Windows 98
Abiword Run www.portableapps.com Word compatible word processor
Absetup Run http://www.softpedia.com/get/PORTABLE-SOFTWARE/ Avant web broswer
APO Run www.archidune.com/apo APO USB autorun utility
Deepburner Run www.deepburner.com CD burning software
Eraser Run www.portableapps.com Permanently delete files
Firefox Run www.portableapps.com Firefox Web browser
Free Commander Run www.freecommander.com File manager
Gnumeric Run www.tanisthalon.karoo.net Excel compatible spreadsheet
Kompozer Run www.portableapps.com HTML editor
Notepad portable Run www.portableapps.com Note Pad text writer
Peazip Run giorgiotani.interfree.it/ Zip manager
PortableApps Run www.portableapps.com Portable Apps manager
Scribus Run sourceforge.net/projects/portablescribus Desktop Publisher
Snippy Run www.bestdownloads4free.com/utilities.htm Screen capture - versatile and free
Sumatra PDF reader 6.0 Run www.portableapps.com Sumatra portable PDF reader
Thunderbird Run www.portableapps.com Thunderbird e-mail client
Toucan Run www.portableapps.com Synchronise/backup files
Vincent van Gogh Run   Just for fun if you have MS Powerpoint

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