This disk has been prepared as a practical exercise for the author and as a "doctor's bag" of software for a number of situations. It is also being offered as a PC User Group "cover disk" for the early part of 2004. Any comments or suggestions would be welcomed to the author (see link below). While the author uses all of the software in the "Favourites" section the "Computability" software has been supplied within the Computability Group. No responsibility can be taken for the use of any software on this disk nor any implied rights.

This site comprises two collections of software, mostly free, shareware, donation or postcard requested, or at least not very expensive and worth every penny.

There are two categories (i) general purpose and utilities which anyone might benefit from, and (ii) software aimed at people with various disabilities. The site pages list these two categories of software, together with the web link to the provider and a one-click link to the installation process.

In addition there is a link to the parent Isle of Wight PC User Group site and the Computability site, both included on this disk. Finally a link to the author's internet site where the software tables are again listed, with useful tips on very basic web site creation.

Favorite Programmes Various software programmes, utilites, etc. with web site links and programme launch links.
Software used by Computability Various software programmes used by Computability with web site links and programme launch links
IWPCUG IW PCuser Group for Computer support at all levels (including the IWPCUG Computability area)
Computability-IW Site Link to the IW Computability web site
Rogerskid.org.uk Internet link to practice site for the web design team

Additions to this collection, especially the disability section, are always welcome.
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